In their crusade to fuck up what was once the best browser available, the Firefox developers decided among a shitload of other smart things to drop support for remote XUL in Firefox 4, because that was way easier than trying to fix the mess they had created. As a result, Nx2 doesn't really work anymore. Sorry about that. Also, I hear Google Chrome is pretty good nowadays.

Nextls 5.0 / Nx2 1.0

"Is that the music thing? It looks good" / anonymous inebriated girl

Hello, world

This is the home of Nextls, its XUL based web frontend Nx2, and any related crap. If you ever felt a need to organize your digital music collection in a MySQL database for easy access with a frontend that will allow you to stream your music when you're in school or at work, you might find something here.


Nextls is a small application that keeps track of your music collection using a MySQL database to store information such as length, bitrate, metadata and where on the harddrive it is located. Everytime Nextls is launched it will figure out any changes done on the file system since the previous run and update the database accordingly. Nextls runs as a shell (console) application and is known to work on both UNIX based systems and Windows.

Only OGG and MP3 are suppored by default and there really are no plans to officially support anything else at this point.

You need the MySQL 5 database and PHP 5.1.3 or later with MySQLi support to run Nextls.


Nx2 is a somewhat complex web application built with XUL that runs in Gecko based browsers, such as Firefox, and act as a frontend to Nextls databases. If you have friends and can convince them to run Nx2 as well you can even connect to each other and share your music.

You need Nextls 5.0, the MySQL 5 database and PHP 5.1.3 or later with MySQLi support to run Nx2.